DPL breaks the mould in customer analytics and technology through the unique combination of…

Industry leading market research and behavioural science

World-class data science and predictive analytics

Innovative machine learning technology solutions

Advanced customer engagement creativity and outreach

To be delivered through a SaaS based platform

We help clients to trust and utilise their data to acquire more customers, improve customer lifetime value, enter new markets, develop new products, ultimately creating greater efficiency and increased ROI for the business. This allows brands to get back to what really matters…

Reaching customers at the moments that most influence their decisions

In a way (creative & channel) that resonates most with that individual or segment 

Leading to greater engagement, sales and retention

Customer Data & Analytics Platform

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 15.56.30.png

+ Discovery & Unify

Data discovery Identifying where data exists and adds customer insight

Data integration & unification Fast and accurate data integration & unification using ML

Data enrichment Single platform. incorporating data enriched through behavioural science & compliant open market data

Data anonymisation Allows the safe use of sensitive information

+ Extract Value

Customer insights Understand what drives your customers to engage, buy, leave

Predictive modelling Algorithmic models to predict consumer insights and targeting eg Churn, TLV, Acquisition

Segmentation Identify the segments where you can drive the greatest value & visualises a single customer view

Business insight BI What does customer behaviour mean for product & solution development

+ Execution & Action

Data driven creative Derived from customer insights and segmentations

Channel activation Channel agnostic digital and atl advertising and integration into MA activity

AI optimisation Best in class machine learning/AI audience & campaign optimisation

Live reporting Transparent platform to understand all campaign metrics



Our clients are spread across industry sectors including financial services, FMCG, retail and luxury goods.