Figaro Digital Marketing Conference July 2019 - Our Top 3 Highlights

By Ashleigh Alton , Client Services Manager at DPL

Last week we headed over to the Emirates stadium, home of Arsenal football club, to take part in the Summer Figaro Digital Marketing Conference 2019.

Impressive football scenery aside, we had a great time speaking to brands and other MarTech companies throughout the day. We were spoiled with a full day of great presentations from industry-leading speakers but here are our top three presentation highlights from the day;

1.DPL: AI And Behavioural Economics: A New Paradigm For Marketing

Richard Robinson , CCO at DPL

Our very own CCO Richard gave a very engaging speech on how data-science, behavioural science and AI are transforming the way that organisations are engaging with their audiences. With emerging tech in these fields becoming more affordable and accessible, more businesses will be able to become more ‘customer-centric and send the ‘right message to the right person at the right time’.

2.MoneySuperMarket: How A New Brand Positioning Needs To Go Beyond Advertising To Help Transform The Customer Experience

Matt Rhodes from Engine and Lloyd Page from MoneySupermarket

2019 saw the launch of MoneySuperMarket’s new brand positioning – Get Money Calm but this was not just an advertising idea and a new TV campaign. Lloyd Page and Matt Rhodes gave a fascinating presentation on how they needed the whole organisation, from brand and product to data and tech to make the MoneySupermarket brand relaunch a success.

3.IBM Watson iX: Re-Mixed: The Future Belongs To The DJs

Jeremy Waite from IBM iX

Jeremy drew a very interesting comparison between creating creative content and the work of the world’s top DJ’s. He argued that the most efficient business professionals imitate DJ’s in that instead of wasting time on trying to find something ‘original’ they simply choose existing good creative content and ‘mix’ it to find something that works. Good artists copy but great artists steal.