DPL appoints new Head of Product

DPL appoints new Head of Product

DPL, the London-based technology firm focused on data optimisation and utility, has appointed Chris Ward as Head of Product. 

Chris Ward has 17 years’ experience of bringing advanced technology solutions to global markets across a range of sectors.  He has worked with leading technology businesses in Europe, North America and Asia such as Samsung and Philips.

He joins Data Practitioners after consulting for a number of technology businesses, with his most recent project focusing on data analytics and the cloud.

Chris has worked with teams to build technology-based ventures from concept through to exit and has led geographically-distributed development and delivery teams to architect, engineer, deliver and support their products. 

In addition to Chris’s start-up experience, he has consulted for a number of organisations in areas including data analytics, cloud infrastructure, enterprise systems integration and strategic transformation.

“Today, we find ourselves in the midst of a data revolution so vast, pervasive and dynamic that businesses need experts to help them navigate their way through the opportunities” said CEO David Marshall. “Having someone of Chris’ calibre as a key member of the leadership team will be invaluable as we accelerate our business”.

Chris Ward said: “I’m delighted to be joining the world-class team at Data Practitioners.  The firm’s industry-leading blend of data optimisation, AI and behavioural science is undoubtedly the way forward for businesses that wish to remain at the forefront of marketing techniques.”

About DPL

DPL is a London-based technology firm that enables its global client base to extract optimal commercial value from their data. The DPL proprietary pay-as-you-go platform democratises access to better data. It is built on leading-edge data science and machine learning technology that amalgamates client data with third-party data and behavioural research, transforming data into a predictive tool. Proprietary enhancement methodologies enable DPL’s clients to acquire more customers, improve customer lifetime value and enter new markets. The three-stage DPL approach starts with data discovery, integration, unification, enrichment and anonymisation. Data is then used to enable customer insights, predictive modelling, segmentation and business insights. This powers data-driven creative, channel activation, AI-powered audience and campaign optimisation and live reporting. The firm employs world-class experts from academia, behavioural science, marketing and IT.

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