A New Paradigm for Marketing - Jake's blog from MW Live 2019

A New Paradigm for Marketing

Yesterday, Richard Robinson, our CCO, gave a jargon-free yet insightful talk to a mixed audience of Account Executives, Marketing Managers, Influencers and Directors of Marketing. 

Richard established the state of things: Most marketing activity is either non-specific or is really targeted but in a way that is creepy and disconcerting for a majority of people. 

“Marketing is about understanding what makes your customers tick. That is not necessarily how long they spend on your website, how many pages they click, what articles on the Guardian they read.  It’s about understanding them, not necessarily their online behaviour.”

Rather than segmenting an audience along static-demographic lines, marketers need to understand the individuals they’re marketing to at a behavioural level. They need to use these granular insights to formulate the tactics and strategies they then execute in order to make their marketing as efficient and successful as possible.

He finished by briefly discussing a case study that shows what’s possible if, as a marketer, you’re able to truly understand the people who are your customers and prospects.

One attendee commented afterwards: ‘I always thought behavioural science and AI were a bit daunting as subjects and I didn’t really see their relevance to marketing; But I can totally see how they’re actually going to be so important in the future!’

Judging by all the people packing in to hear the talk, I think it’s safe to say it went down well.

If you’d like an annotated version of the presentation deck, you can ask here or maybe you want to learn more about how Data Science and Behavioural Science can be used without having to grapple with unnecessary technical jargon or intimidating subject matter, we would love to hear from you

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